December 2022 OES Beacon

IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies

Do you know someone or a small team who have made a special contribution to Environmental and/or Safety technologies?

Prof. John Potter, IEEE Fellow, OES Distinguished Lecturer, Provisional Chapter Chair, Norway.

Safety has come increasingly into focus in recent decades, and industries such as fisheries and offshore oil and gas production, once considered ‘dirty and dangerous’, have made enormous strides in improving safety.   There have of course been some notable exceptional disasters in the maritime domain, which have in their turn spurred further learning, commitment and safety development.

The IEEE has a specific award for safety technology, presented annually to an individual or small team (up to three persons).  The scope of the award to recognise outstanding accomplishments in the application of technology in the fields of interest of IEEE that improve the environment and/or public safety.

This year I have the honour of serving on the evaluation committee for this award and am looking for worthy nominees.

The IEEE Medal for Environmental and Safety Technologies is relevant to a wide community including not only obvious areas such as intelligent transportation but also wireless communication, sensor networks and control and automation, all of which are very relevant to OES.  Where partially- or fully-automated systems are involved in operating or protecting critical infrastructure or processes with potential safety hazards in the event of failure, the award could also cover computing, and signal processing.

The award consists of a gold medal, a bronze replica, a certificate, and honorarium.

The evaluation process considers the following criteria:

  • Public benefits of the contribution
  • Improvement in important performance metrics
  • Innovative design, development, or application engineering
  • Positive influence on contributions to technical professions
  • Quality of nomination.

The award was established in 2008 with past awardees being recognised for developments in environmental assessment, hybrid electric vehicles, smartgrids and renewables, battery technologies, navigation, automotive safety, low-emission engines and vehicular environmental perception, to name but some.  To date, the award has not been made in the ocean engineering space.  But surely there must be worthy maritime safety technology developments among our OES members that we should recognise!

If you think you have a good candidate, the deadline for nomination is 15th June.  You can make a nomination online (you will need to log in with your IEEE credentials and go to IEEE awards).  Let me know at if you have someone in mind.

For information about the IEEE Medal for Environmental & Safety Technologies please visit: