December 2021 Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers (December 2021)

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • P. Knobles, C. Escobar, M. Buckingham, W. Hodgkiss, P. Wilson, T. Neilsen, J. Yang and M. Badiey, “Statistical Inference of Sound Speed and Attenuation Dispersion of a Fine-Grained Marine Sediment.”
  • Wang, T. Hu, W. Wang, S. Guo and L. Ma, “Modal Analysis of Acoustic Energy Periodic Fluctuations Due to Internal Tides in the Yellow Sea.”
  • Liu, D. Ma, M. Yang, X. Xia and P. Guo, “Modified Block A* Path-Planning Method for Hybrid-Driven Underwater Gliders.”
  • Li, C. Sun, H. Zhao and P. Willett, “Robust Mode Space Detection in Uncertain Shallow Water With Incomplete Mode Sampling.”
  • Trucco, R. Bozzano, E. Fava, S. Pensieri, A. Verri and A. Barla, “A Supervised Learning Approach for Rainfall Detection From Underwater Noise Analysis.”
  • D. Chaytor, M. Ballard, B. Buckzkowski, J. Goff, K. Lee, L. reed and A. Boggess, “Measurements of Geologic Characteristics and Geophysical Properties of Sediments From the New England Mud Patch.”
  • Thomas and A. Hunter, “Coherence-Induced Bias Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Sonar Along-Track Micronavigation.”
  • Dearden, T. Culmer and R. Brooke, “Performance Measures for Validation of Oil Spill Dispersion Models Based on Satellite and Coastal Data.”
  • Zhou, K. Yan and X. Li, “Underwater Image Enhancement via Physical-Feedback Adversarial Transfer Learning.”
  • Palomeras, T. Furfaro, D. P. Williams, M. Carreras and S. Dugelay, “Automatic Target Recognition for Mine Countermeasure Missions Using Forward-Looking Sonar Data.”
  • C. Chu, C. Fan, J. Calantoni and A. Sheremet , “Prediction of Mobility and Burial of Objects on Sandy Seafloor.”
  • Li, J. Zhao, H. Zhang and Y. Zhang, “Automatic Detection of Pipelines From Sub-bottom Profiler Sonar Images.”
  • Li, T. Chen, Z. Yang, L. Chen, P. Liu, Y. Zhang, G. Yu, J. CHen, H. Li and X. Sun, “Development of a Buoy-Borne Underwater Imaging System for In Situ Mesoplankton Monitoring of Coastal Waters.”
  • B. Amundsen, W. Caharija and K. Y. Pettersen, “Autonomous ROV Inspections of Aquaculture Net Pens Using DVL.”
  • Paviet-Salomon, J. Bonnel, C. Dorffer, B. Nicolas, T. Chonavel, D. Tollefsen, D. Knobles, P. Wilson and A. Dremeau, “Estimation of Frequency-Wavenumber Diagrams Using a Physics-Based Grid-Free Compressed Sensing Method.”
  • Ma, J. Tang, H. Zhong and H. Wu, “Multireceiver Synthetic Aperture Sonar Chirp Scaling Algorithm Considering Intrapulse Doppler Shift.”
  • -M. Steele and A. P. Lyons, “Development and Experimental Validation of Endfire Synthetic Aperture Sonar for Sediment Acoustics Studies.”