December 2020 OES Beacon

A Blast from the Past! . . . OES Exhibits, Ready & Waiting!

Bob Wernli – Beacon Co-Editor-in-Chief, photos by Stan Chamberlain

 OES Exhibits are always ready and waiting at all our conferences. Thanks to those who spend many hours helping in the booths.

There’s nothing like meeting with our present, and future, members face-to-face.



OCEANS’18 Kobe
OCEANS’17 Anchorage
OCEANS’17 Aberdeen
OCEANS’16 Shanghai
OCEANS’15 Genova
OCEANS’14 Taipei
OCEANS’14 St. John’s
OCEANS’11 Santander
OCEANS ’07 booth at OCEANS ’06 Singapore
OCEANS’05 Brest