December 2019 OES Beacon

From the OES BEACON Editors

Harumi Sugimatsu and Robert Wernli

Welcome to the December 2019 issue of the Beacon. The latest changes to all our committees and volunteers can be found on the inside of the front and back covers. One change you may notice is the removal of email addresses, which had to be done due to a significant financial phishing attack using our emails. So, please maintain your contact list.

Again, we’d like to thank all of the contributors to our quarterly newsletter. As you can see by the content, this is your newsletter, and we try to cover all aspects of the society activities from our workshops, symposia and conferences to what our individual members, chapters and committees are up to. And, don’t forget, all issues of the Beacon are available on the OES website.

Of particular interest in this issue is the report From the President where the results of our recent 5-year review are discussed along with the future goals of OES. Also included are the reports on our latest OCEANS 2019 Seattle conference that covers the conference in general and also the results of the Student Poster Competition, along with the winning paper.

The Journal EIC again provides recently released papers that are available to our members and our VP for Technical Activities provides the latest on our technical committee activities. In addition, a year-end report is provided by our outgoing VP for Professional Activities. And, continuing our technology committee reports, we have reports from the Polar Oceans TC and also the Ocean Observation and Environmental Sustainability TC. There is also a report by the Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems (OSES) Technology Committee on the OSES conference held last July in Brest, France. There are 12 technology committees as shown on the inside of the back cover of this issue . . . get involved and enhance your career.

There is plenty going on in our chapters as reported in the articles from Providence, Seattle, Malaysia and Canadian Atlantic. Our student chapters are busy as reported by the OES University of Zagreb Student Branch Chapter when they attended OCEANS 2019 Marseille and the IEEE/OES chapter in Ecuador during a student tour of the Ecuadorian coast. In addition, OCEANS 2020 Singapore provides an excellent overview of why you should attend the Singapore conference next April.

The Beacon continues to report on member activities in the robotic field. This issue includes a report on the OES support to the RoboSub competition held each year in San Diego. OES provides judging support and gives one of the teams the OES Innovation Award that includes a cash prize.

We also take pride in our members. Be sure to see the latest articles on Member Highlights, Member Awards and “Who’s Who in the OES.” In addition, we have excellent reports on the 2019 WIE International Leadership Summit and also from three student branch chapter representatives funded by OES to attend OCEANS.

Of particular interest in this issue is the result of our ExCom elections and a thank you to our outgoing AdCom and ExCom officers. And, last but not least, the results of the annual OES awards honors those recipients. Congratulations to all involved.

There is a wealth of other information and articles in this issue that we hope you enjoy. And, as always, we’ll close by inviting you to participate in your society. Submit articles and material for the Beacon. Or . . . volunteer for other society activities as a participant or an elected officer. It’s your society and it is here to help you reach your professional goals. Enjoy.

Your Beacon EiC busy in her office
Your Co-EiC, and his wife, Bev, promoting his books at the
San Diego Festival of Books