December 2019 OES Beacon

A Blast from the Past! . . . It’s All About Networking

Bob Wernli – Beacon Co-Editor-in-Chief, photos by Stan Chamberlain

What are the OCEANS conferences all about? Networking!! The majority of us need to build our personal networks for us to achieve our professional goals. How do you do that? With networking at events like our OCEANS conferences. Whether a student or professional, networking at our receptions, dinners, technical programs, exhibits, tours, etc., will help build the ladder that will you will use to climb to higher places.

OCEANS 2018 Kobe – Exhibitor Reception
OCEANS 2018 Kobe – Exhibitor Reception
OCEANS 2017 Anchorage – Student Reception
OCEANS 2017 Aberdeen Reception
OCEANS 2013 San Diego Student Reception
OCEANS 2012 Hampton Roads