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Italy Chapter 

Reported by Maurizio Migliaccio, Italian Chapter Chair

A start

The new ExCom has been appointed on 1 May, 2021, and the newly elected resulted in Maurizio Migliaccio, Chairman, Riccardo Costanzi, vice-Chairman and Giovanna Inserra, Secretary.

In order to boost a set of activities and to gather new ideas, two ExCom meetings were organized and held virtually on 7 June and 23 July. The virtual tools were also exploited to organize the first events to allow a larger participation. In fact, for all of us to limit social contacts during the pandemic, we had to drastically reduce our travel, but this has offered us the chance to participate at a distance in scientific events of interest.

The first event that was endorsed by the Chapter was the EMRA workshop. The EMRA 2021 Workshop, on EU-funded Marine Robotics and applications was, held on 7-8 July. The EMRA format was a single track, 1.5 days’ workshop, with some keynotes. Although it was organized at Pisa, Italy, the event was virtually held, attracting a large participation for the successful event. At the end, 239 participants were registered.

On 23 July, it was held in person in Pisa and virtually for the Distinguished Lecturer seminar “Fusion reactors, Fuel Cells and Distributed Acoustic Sensing – What do they have in common and what might DAS now offer?” by J. R. Potter at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway. It was jointly organized with the IEEE OES Norway Chapter and the IEEE Student Branch of the University of Pisa and the IEEE OES Joint Student Branch UNIFI-UNIPI. The interesting and brilliant talk of Prof. Potter described as different sensors/tools observing the sea environment may synergically contribute to its better comprehension. 30 participants were registered at this event.

The ExCom has also approved two seminars to be held in Napoli and virtually. The first seminar will take place in the second half of October, 2021, and will be held by Vincenzo Piscopo, Università di Napoli Parthenope on “The marine renewable energy in Italy.” The second seminar will take place in the first half of November, 2021, by Giuseppe Grieco, CNR-ISMAR, on “How to improve the coastal sampling of the QuikScat-derived winds.”

A nighttime picture of Italy from the International Space Station.

Since for the moment the Chapter has no webpage, in order to establish an info forum a linkedin dedicated group was made https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12544359/

To emphasize the relevance of the sea for Italy, a nigthtime picture of Italy is shown. On the left part of the image you can see a “triangle-shaped” island, the Sicily that is not far away from Africa. On the main peninsula you can see, on the Thyrrenian sea, two main lit up urban areas, Napoli and Roma. In front of them you can see the Sardinia island, which is close to the French Corse island.

A nighttime picture of Italy from the International Space Station.