Introduction to the OES Beacon Newsletter

Introduction to the OES Beacon Newsletter

1. The OES Beacon Newsletter

The Beacon Newsletter is published four times a year as the society’s primary promotional product and provides articles on the latest society conferences, activities, members, etc., along with advertisements and promotional information on upcoming events. All OES members, unless they opt out, receive a print version of the Beacon, which is also available on the OES website in PDF and HTML formats.

The ongoing work/activities of the OES President, VPs and Chapters are reported regularly.  Topics also include:

  • Latest OES Officers (ExCom, AdCom), Chapter chairs, TC chairs, and Journal Editors
  • Articles on Chapter news, activities and members
  • Who’s Who in the OES
  • Member Highlights
  • OES awards
  • AdCom/ExCom elections and results
  • OES members in print
  • Reports on OCEANS and OES sponsored workshops and symposia
  • Topics on member research
  • Introduction of the OES Young Professionals and the BOOST program
  • Student programs including the Student Poster Competition
  • Technical committee reports
  • OES Journal recent published papers
  • Any other submissions from OES members/chapters are always welcome.


2. Due dates of the issues.

The Beacon Newsletter is published quarterly. The deadline for article submissions for the March, June, September and December issues is fixed on the 14th of the prior month as follows:

March issue: 14 February
June issue: 14 May
September issue: 14 August
December issue: 14 November


3.  Article Submissions

Authors must use the template (PDF | WORD) that has the proper format, font, etc. Please submit your article to the Editor in Chief (Harumi Sugimatsu) and Co Editor in Chief (Robert L. Wernli) by the above due dates: and Authors are also requested to notify the Beacon Editor in Chiefs of planned articles and necessary author contact information to aid in planning the upcoming issues. Each submission will be reviewed and, if necessary, returned to the author with suggested edits to be accepted/rejected as required.