September 2019 OES Beacon

The OES Festival of Distinguished Lectures

Philippe Courmontagne, French Chapter Chair     

Just following the OCEANS conference in Marseille, the first edition of the OES Festival of Distinguished Lectures has taken place near Toulon, on the Mediterranean coast, in France.

Jointly organized with the OES French chapter and Naval Group, the European leader in Naval Defence, this festival welcomed five distinguished speakers warmly.

During the whole day, and after an “ice-cream party” the night before the festival, these five presenters have given enthusiastically their lectures and have fascinated the large audience of scientists, engineers and students.

In front of the Naval Group building, from left to right: Christian Audoly (Naval Group), James Candy, Aymeric Bonnaud (Naval Group), Frédérique de Ruiter (Naval Group), William Kirckwood, Rick Spinrad, John Potter, Kenneth Foote, Philippe Courmontagne (Naval Group) and Christian de Moustier, IEEE OES President.
William Kirkwood giving his talk.
John Potter explaining JANUS.

These five lecturers were:

  • Rick Spinrad, distinguished lecturer, MTS President, who gave a talk on “The drivers of Marine Technology
  • James V. Candy, distinguished lecturer, who presented “Ocean Acoustic Signal Processing: A Bayesian approach
  • Kenneth G. Foote, distinguished lecturer, who warmly explained “Standard-target method of calibrating active sonars, with applications to the quantitative imaging and measurement of scattering
  • John R. Potter, who shared the knowledge acquired at the CMRE (Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation) about acoustic underwater communications with “Janus: The first (and so far only) digital underwater communications standard”;
  • William J. Kirkwood, who delighted the audience with his presentation “AUVs: A possible future”, where he presented the MBARI (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) Shearwater, a heterogeneous vehicle for Autonomous Marine Observations and Operations.

This first edition was really successful. All these lecturers thrilled the audience (around 30 people) with their outstanding performances.

No doubt, this edition is the first one of a long series.