June 2022 OES Beacon

Technology Committee on Underwater Acoustics: standard OCEANS technical topics

 Kenneth G Foote, Chair of Underwater Acoustics

As a reminder, standard OCEANS technical topics for the Technology Committee on Underwater Acoustics are the following.



1.1 Sonar and transducers

1.2 Calibration of acoustic systems and metrology

1.3 Sound propagation and scattering

1.4 Acoustical oceanography

1.5 Geoacoustic inversion

1.6 Bioacoustics

  • Seismo-acoustics

1.8 Ocean noise

1.9 Signal coherence and fluctuation

Practitioners often make use of other technologies in their underwater acoustic studies and applications.  Examples of such topics are signal processing, image processing, communications, and platforms.  There are other, specific standard OCEANS technical topics corresponding to these.

For the upcoming OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads Conference and Exhibition, the TCUA chair is convening a technical session on topic 1.2: Calibration of acoustic systems and metrology.  Some particular contributions have been solicited, but the session is open to all-comers.  Notwithstanding the lateness of this notice, you are encouraged to contact the convenor if you might have a contribution on the theme, if not for presentation at this OCEANS conference, then perhaps at a future OCEANS conference.