June 2022 OES Beacon

OTC Asia 2022 Report

Mal Heron, OTC Asia Oversight Committee Member

OTC Asia 2022 was held as a hybrid event in Kuala Lumpur on 22-25 March on the theme “Excellence in Asia: Setting the pace for Future Energy”, with principal sponsors Petronas, PTTEP and Shell.  It was a successful meeting despite quarantine requirements for inbound travellers, with 8,821 attendees, 78 exhibitors, 360 technical papers, and 270 technical and e-poster presentations.  Of the 8,821 delegates, only 160 were virtual. The hybrid model adopted was to live-stream Plenaries and Panel Sessions, and to pre-record technical paper presentations.  The cost advantage was to have only one live-streaming location. An unforeseen benefit was that in many sessions, the on-line participants outnumbered the in-person participants in the room.  There may be a message in this for post-covid conference organisers, but the context here was that 91.8% of delegates were Malaysian with a further 4.5% from neighbouring Singapore and Thailand. It appears that many local Kuala Lumpurians were maintaining day-jobs in parallel with OTC.

The Exhibition Hall had a vibrant dynamic atmosphere throughout. Delegates seemed eager to network and listen to the technical presentations in the Exhibition Hall. Perhaps this reflected the relief that we were back in a real  event after a pause of 2+ years. Some folk observed that this was the first major energy conference in Asia after the covid quiescence.  The live-streamed plenaries and panels were lively with more questions from the floor and chat, than could be handled in the time available. In keeping with the theme of the conference, I felt an overall message from most speakers (but not all) was that gas is the emerging energy source for the period of transition to renewables. As these changes occur there will be more opportunities for OES members to participate in new technologies.

The University R & D Showcase was run virtually with four presentations selected for presentation. OES has had a good track record for participation in this event and that continued here with three of the presentations inspired by Seamus Garvey, the chair of the OES Ocean Sustainable Energy Systems Technology Committee.

OTC Asia is one of several OTC conferences, the flagship one being the annual OTC Houston with OTC Asia now established as a biennial event along with OTC Brazil and OTC Arctic Technology. The OTC organisation has a governing structure with OES members taking some key roles.  Jerry Carroll is a member of the overall Board of Governors. Your scribe is a member of the OTC Asia Oversight Committee, which manages OTC Asia for the Board.  OTC Asia has a Programme Committee with participating Societies forming Programme sub-committees.  The OES Programme Sub-Committee is Co-Chaired by Madya Dr Mohd Shahrieel Mohd Aras and Harumi Sugimatsu with members Tomoya Inoue, M.A. Atmanand, Sarayut Niamrit, Narayan Chidambaram and Jerry Carroll.

The success of OTC Asia 2022 augurs well for this event and I urge OES members to look seriously at the OTC events as opportunities to contribute and network.

For more info, please visit the official OTC Asia 2022 Post Event Report page as below: