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From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers (June 2021)

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief   

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • “Modeling of a Marine Hydrokinetic Cycloturbine Vehicle”, M. Goldschmidt; J. Horn; M. Jonson; R. Medvitz.
  • “Validation Experiment of a Single-View Image-Sequence Algorithm to Identify Scale and Sea-State Characteristics”, Y.C. Lin; C.J. Earls.
  • “Target Bearing Estimation for Ship-Borne HFSWR Using Doppler Effect and Very Small Antenna Array”, T. Wen-Long; L. Gao-Peng; Z. Bin; X. Rongqing.
  • “Predicting Acoustic Variability: Pragmatic Considerations for Selecting a Stochastic or Deterministic Approach”, C.D.S. Tollefsen.
  • “High-Frequency Radar Ocean Current Mapping at Rapid Scale With Autoregressive Modeling”, B. Domps; D. Dumas; C.-A. Guérin; J. Marmain.
  • “Pruned Distributed and Parallel Subarray Beamforming for 3-D Underwater Imaging With Fine-Grid Sparse Arrays”, D. Zhao; P. Chen; Y. Hu; R. Liang; H. Wang; X. Guo.
  • “Guidance and Control Based on Adaptive Sliding Mode Strategy for a USV Subject to Uncertainties”, A. Gonzalez-Garcia; H. Castañeda.
  • “Joint Message-Passing-Based Bidirectional Channel Estimation and Equalization With Superimposed Training for Underwater Acoustic Communications”, G. Yang; Q. Guo; H. Ding; Q. Yan; D.D. Huang.
  • “Real-Time Outlier Detection Applied to a Doppler Velocity Log Sensor Based on Hybrid Autoencoder and Recurrent Neural Network”, N. Davari; P. Aguiar.
  • “A CFAR Detection Approach for Identifying Gas Bubble Seeps With Multibeam Echo Sounders”, T.C. Weber.
  • “An Approach for Computing Parameters for a Lagrangian Nonlinear Maneuvering and Seakeeping Model of Submerged Vessel Motion”, S. Jung; S. Brizzolara; C. Woolsey.
  • “A Strategy for Sizing and Optimizing the Energy System on Long-Range AUVs”, A. Chiche; G. Lindbergh; I. Stenius; C. Lagergren.
  • “Angular MIMO for Underwater Wireless Optical Communications: Link Modeling and Tracking”, A. S. Ghazy; S. Hranilovic; M.-A. Khalighi.
  • “Autosub Long Range 6000: A Multiple-Month Endurance AUV for Deep-Ocean Monitoring and Survey”, D. Roper; C. A. Harris; G. Salavasidis; M. Pebody; R. Templeton; T. Prampart; M. Kingsland; R. Morrison; M. Furlong; A.B. Phillips; S. McPhail.
  • “Transdimensional Geoacoustic Inversion Using Prior Information on Range-Dependent Seabed Layering”, J. Bonnel; S.E. Dosso; J.A. Goff; Y.-T. Lin; J.H. Miller; G.R. Potty; P.S. Wilson; D.P. Knobles.
  • “Multibeam Echosounder With Orthogonal Waveforms: Feasibility and Potential Benefits”, A. Blachet; A. Austeng; J. Aparicio; A.J. Hunter; R.E. Hansen.
  • Corrections to “The Optimal Lift–Drag Ratio of Underwater Glider for Improving Sailing Efficiency”, X. Tian; L. Zhang; H. Zhang; Y. Wang; Y. Liu; Y. Yang; L. Song.
  • “Gridless Variational Direction-of-Arrival Estimation in Heteroscedastic Noise Environment”, Q. Zhang; J. Zhu; Y. Gu; Z. Xu.
  • “Multiobjective Risk-Aware Path Planning in Uncertain Transient Currents: An Ensemble-Based Stochastic Optimization Approach”, S. Albarakati; R. M. Lima; T. Theußl; I. Hoteit; O. Knio.
  • “A Two-Stage Underwater Enhancement Network Based on Structure Decomposition and Characteristics of Underwater Imaging”, S. Wu; T. Luo; G. Jiang; M. Yu; H. Xu; Z. Zhu; Y. Song.
  • “Passive Acoustic Glider for Seabed Characterization at the New England Mud Patch”, Y.-M. Jiang; S. E. Dosso; J. Bonnel; P. S. Wilson; D. P. Knobles.
  • “Performance Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Communications in Barrow Strait”, K. Pelekanakis; S. Blouin; D. Green.