March 2022 OES Beacon OES Beacon

From the OES BEACON Editors (March 2022)

Harumi Sugimatsu and Robert Wernli

Harumi at UT15 Chennai. Wishing the great success of
OCEANS 2022 Chennai!

Welcome to the March 2022 issue of the Beacon. In the last issue we highlighted the OCEANS 2021 San Diego – Porto conference that once again brought us together in person . . . and virtually. With the success of OCEANS 2021, we continue to bring our members together again at OCEANS 2022 Chennai, which will also be hybrid. We’ll have a report on that event in the June Beacon. And this year we also have OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads, which will be in-person and also continue to have a virtual portion of the technical program. Haven’t been to Hampton Roads, or Virginia Beach? Enjoy the Blast to the Past that highlights their OCEANS 2012 conference. We hope to see everyone there again.

As usual, our issue begins with a report from our President, which is followed by reports from our VPs for Professional Activities (VPPA), Technical Activities (VPTA), OCEANS (VPO) and Workshops and Symposia (VPWS). Overall, they show us that the future continues to get brighter regarding our events, chapter activities and our goals to encourage and increase the involvement of our young professionals and women in engineering; the VPPA report highlights our YP BOOST and WIE PROPEL Laureates. The Chapter Chairs (Cha-Cha) report highlights their recent meeting to address issues and encourage the Cha-Cha’s to seek funding for future events; the VPWS report highlights those events that are coming in the near future.

The Journal EIC again provides recently released papers that are available to our members. And we’ll be adding more papers to that list in the future as we hold our OCEANS 2022 Chennai and OCEANS 2022 Hampton Roads conferences. Also included is the latest report from our Webmaster that address the society web outreach to include the latest updates on Wikipedia.

Bob at OCEANS 2012 Hampton Roads with happy exhibitors who couldn’t wait to come back. They get their wish this year.

Our Chapters continue to be active. This activity is highlighted in the reports from our Providence and Victoria chapters, which also includes an article on the Victoria Chapter’s support of the University of Victoria submarine racing club (UVSRC). Three other events showcased include a report on the OES participation in SYMPOL 2021, held at the Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi, India. OES members are also active at the University of Zagreb SBC (Student Branch Chapter), Croatia, which organized a significant number of field trials during Breaking the Surface 2021. And finally, a report on the Underwater Robot Competition held at Kobe Port Island Sports Center last December as a concurrent event of Techno-Ocean2021.

Our members are certainly active and being recognized. Enjoy our Who’s Who in the OES. Two additional reports are also provided on the latest society involvement in the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030; one from our VPTA and the other from the University of Southern Mississippi (Student Branch Chapter).

There is a wealth of other information and articles in this issue that we hope you enjoy. And, as always, we’ll close by inviting you to participate in your society. Submit articles and material for the Beacon. Or . . . volunteer for other society activities as a participant or an elected officer. It’s your society and it is here to help you reach your professional goals. Enjoy.