December 2019 OES Beacon

Technology Committee Reports

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Polar Oceans Technology Committee; Linking the poles

Arctic and Northern Ocean Forum 2019

Andreas Marouchos
Polar Oceans Technology Committee Chair

Following on from 2019’s ASOF-Fest event in Hobart, the Polar Oceans Technology Committee along with the Remote Sensing and Autonomous Systems TC and the GeoScience and Remote Sensing Society hosted a sister event called the Arctic and Northern Ocean Forum (ANOF) this past September. The aim of these events is to bring together science and technology related to polar research and promote the cross-pollination of researchers between Arctic and Antarctic regions. The event was chaired by Mikko Strahlendorff (Director, Finnish Meteorological Institute) along with Rene Garello (Junior Past President, OES) and Adriano Camps (Past President, GRSS) and was hosted by the Finnish Meteorological Institute in Helsinki, Finland, from September 2nd to the 4th. It was a co-financially sponsored event between OES and GRSS and administratively ran via the IEEE France OES chapter. The forum consisted of a number of talks covering topics from autonomous vehicles to remote sensing as well as a few breakout sessions for attendees to discuss the future of polar technologies and approaches for OES and the Polar Oceans Technology Committee in helping increase engagement in the polar technology area. Special thanks to all the speakers, to Mal Heron for leading us through the event, and to all our colleagues at FMI who were so very welcoming during our visit. 

ANOF2019 Breakout Session discussing future of polar technologies.
ANOF2019 attendees during one of the tea breaks – Sergio Ramirez Moreno – ETITC (Left), Jhon Anderson Hurtado – ETITC (Centre), Andreas Marouchos – CSIRO (Right)

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Forum 2020

Following on from the ANOF event, we will be in the Southern Hemisphere in 2020 with a repeat of our Antarctic and Southern Ocean Forum to be hosted once again in Hobart, Australia, from August 10th – 12th. This year’s meeting will be co-sponsored by GRSS and run in tandem with the Scientific Committee of Antarctic Research (SCAR) meeting, which is also taking place in Hobart. This will allow the ASOF event to capture more of the science activities surrounding Antarctic research, and provide more opportunities for overseas participants to join the event. More info on the event can be found on the forum website at ( including deadlines for abstract submission.