December 2019 OES Beacon

From the Journal Editor’s desk: IEEE Journal of Engineering Early Access Papers

Mandar Chitre, Journal Editor-in Chief 

Congratulations to the authors of our most recently approved papers for the IEEE JOE. The following papers were published as Early Access papers online on IEEE Xplore and will appear in regular issues soon. You’ll find these papers now:

  • P. Zhou; C. Yang; S. Wu; Y. Zhu, “Designated Area Persistent Monitoring Strategies for Hybrid Underwater Profilers”.
  • M.F. Auvinen; D.R. Barclay; M.E.W. Coffin, “Performance of a Passive Acoustic Linear Array in a Tidal Channel”.
  • W. Maleika; P. Forczmański, “Adaptive Modeling and Compression of Bathymetric Data With Variable Density”.
  • K. Mizuno; K. Terayama; S. Tabeta; S. Sakamoto; Y. Matsumoto; Y. Sugimoto; T. Ogawa; K. Sugimoto;
    H. Fukami; M. Sakagami; M. Deki; K. Kawakubo, “Development of an Efficient Coral-Coverage Estimation Method Using a Towed Optical Camera Array System [Speedy Sea Scanner (SSS)] and Deep-Learning-Based Segmentation: A Sea Trial at the Kujuku-Shima Islands”.
  • J. Yu; T. Wang; Z. Wu; M. Tan, “Design of a Miniature Underwater Angle-of-Attack Sensor and Its Application to a Self-Propelled Robotic Fish”.
  • R.-Y. Yang; H.-J. Tang; C.-C. Huang, “Numerical Modeling of the Mooring System Failure of an Aquaculture Net Cage System Under Waves and Currents”.
  • M. Razzanelli; S. Casini; M. Innocenti; L. Pollini, “Development of a Hybrid Simulator for Underwater Vehicles With Manipulators”.
  • S. Zhao; Z. Wang; K. He; Z. Nie; H. Liu; N. Ding, “Investigation on Stochastic Model Refinement for Precise Underwater Positioning”.
  • E. Westman; M. Kaess, “Degeneracy-Aware Imaging Sonar Simultaneous Localization and Mapping”.
  • F.D. Lagor; K. Ide; D. A. Paley, “Non-Gaussian Estimation of a Potential Flow by an Actuated Lagrangian Sensor Steered to Separating Boundaries by Augmented Observability”.
  • E.K. Jørgensen; T.I. Fossen; T.H. Bryne; I. Schjølberg, “Underwater Position and Attitude Estimation Using Acoustic, Inertial, and Depth Measurements”.
  • K.T. Hjelmervik; H. Berg; T. S. Såstad, “Predicting False Alarm Rates for High-Resolution Antisubmarine Warfare Sonars in a Cluttering Environment Prone to False Alarm Rate Inflation”.
  • A. Agarwal; M. Agrawal; A. Kumar, “Higher-Order-Statistics-Based Direction-of-Arrival Estimation of Multiple Wideband Sources With Single Acoustic Vector Sensor”.
  • A.M. Young; N.R. Atkins; C.J. Clark; G. Germain, “An Unsteady Pressure Probe for the Measurement of Flow Unsteadiness in Tidal Channels”.
  • P. Cardenas; E.A. de Barros, “Estimation of AUV Hydrodynamic Coefficients Using Analytical and System Identification Approaches”.
  • H. Gazzah; S.M. Jesus, “Closed-Form Estimation of Normal Modes From a Partially Sampled Water Column”.
  • G. Li; H.P. Hildre; H. Zhang, “Toward Time-Optimal Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Ship Maneuvering in Close-Range Encounters”.
  • T.I. Lønmo; A. Austeng; R.E. Hansen, “Improving Swath Sonar Water Column Imagery and Bathymetry With Adaptive Beamforming”.
  • A.L. Virovlyansky; A. Kazarova; L. Lyubavin, “Matched Field Processing in Phase Space”.