Venue Guidance and Selection

JOAB Venue Guidance and Selection

JOAB: Joint Oceans Administrative Board

An IEEE/OES & MTS committee for OCEANS conferences

The Joint OCEANS Administrative Board (JOAB), provides oversight of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) for the Societies and coordinates and guides LOC activities related to the OCEANS Conference and Exhibition.

The JOAB committee members are appointed by their respective OES and MTS president. They are the JOAB Administrators. They must have had previous experience with conducting a conference. A balanced MTS-OES representation must be achieved. The Societies have assigned to the JOAB committee sufficient authority to carry out its role consistent with the Society recommendations and guidance.

The main tasks of JOAB are summarized below:

Venue selection:

  • Review candidate Letter of Intent prepared with the help of RECON.
  • Work with RECON and the selected local group to develop the formal proposal.
  • Work with RECON to facilitate proposal presentation to, RECON, JOAB, then to the leadership of the Societies.
  • Evaluate final documents in collaboration with RECON and make a recommendation to the leadership of the Societies.

Venue guidance and OCEANS conference administration:

  • Introduce JOAB members to their respective counterparts on the LOC.
  • JOAB representatives present their guidance to each LOC sub-committee chair.
  • Advise the LOC in developing a conference theme that will be carried out in the Technical Program, Plenary Session, and Special Technical Sessions.
  • Advise the LOC on the financial requirements for the conference.
  • Advise the LOC in developing the conference budget, publicity, technical program, exhibits, and local arrangements.
  • Interface the LOC with the web services provider and the PCO relative to conference operations.
  • Report periodically to the Societies.
  • Receive communications regularly from the LOC, particularly during the last year prior to the conference, to assure that milestones are met.
  • Conduct a conference “hot wash” (lessons-learned meeting) at the conclusion of the conference.