OCEANS'06 Boston

OCEANS '06 MTS/IEEE Boston Student Poster Program
The nineteeth Student Poster Program was held at OCEANS 06 MTS/IEEE Boston .  Once again there was a very fine display of student posters located in the center of the exhibits area at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA.  The posters were prominently displayed and were widely viewed by the conference attendees.  The Student Poster Session was organized by Dr. Alexandra Techet from MIT.  49 poster abstracts were received and 24 were selected for presentation. Poster abstracts were obtained from students in the US, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, China, Venezuela,and the UK.  The program was supported by funding from the Office of Naval Research and from the National Science Foundation. A new event was the addition of a Poster Precis prior to the beginning of the poster display.  Each student gave a brief concise overview of the project in 2-3slides to the judges panel, fellow students and guests. This introduction gave the judges a great overview of the work as well as an opportunity to the student to give an oral presentation. The awards for the winning posters were presented at the Wednesday evening Gala at the Museum of Science.  Two level of awards were given.  First to Graduate Students and second to undergraduate students. The posters were:
Daniel Walker, MIT
"Micro Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Concept for Distributed Data Collection"
Zhenhai Wang - University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, MA
"Factor Analysis for Ocean Seismic Remote Sensing"
Rogelio Morales - Universidad Central de Venezuela - Caracus, Venezuela
"Prototype of a Stereoscopic Vision System to Improve Image Quality in Turbid Waters During Underwater Inspections"
Alexander Pavin - MIT
"The Pipeline Identification Method Basing on AUV's Echo-Sounder Data"
Brandon Cochenour - Naval System Command/Johns Hopkins University
"Effects of Multiple Scattering on an Underwater Wireless Optical Communications Link"
Jiaming Zhang - University of Massachusetts, Darmouth, MA
"Development of an Integrated Acoustical-Optical Platform for Detecting Groundfish"
Lauren Cooney - MIT
"Design of an ROV to Compete in the 5th Annual MATE ROV Competition and Beyond"
Jesse Kipp - University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute, WI
"A Software Framework for an Integrated Observing System"
Korey Verhein - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute, WI
"An Inexpensive Underwater Multi-Point Temperature System"
Lauren Cooney - MIT
"Design of an Acoustic-Homing Autonomous Surface Vessel"
Fan Gu - University of New Hampshire-Durham, NH
"Optimal Image Blending for Underwater Mosaics"
Xiaoling Chen-Steven Institute of Technology - Hoboken, NJ
"Passive Acoustic Detection of Divers Under Strong Interference"
Madaline Barbu - University of New Orleans - New Orleans, LA
"Acoustic Seabed Classification using Fractional Fourier Transform and Time-Frequency Transform Techniques"
Lloyd Ackermann - Florida Atlantic University - Dania Beach, FL
"Hydrodynamic testing of as Vectored-Thruster Propelled UUV"
Zhipeng Sun - Harvard University - Cambridge, MA
"Size Spectrum of Suspended Particulate Matter in the Bohai Sea"
Kathryn D'Epagnier - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
"AUV Propellers: Optimal Design and Improving Existing Propellers for Greater Efficiancy"
Paula Echeverri - MIT
"Experimental Investigation of Internal Tide Genertaion by Two-dimensional Topography"
Jeffery Kaeli - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and  State University - Blacksburg, VA
"An Automated Morphological Image Processing Based Methodology for Quantifying Coral Cover in Deeper Reef Zones"
Michael Stanway - MIT
"Small Diameter Ducted Contrarotating Propulsor for Marine Robots"
Andy Schneider - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute, WI
"Near Shore Wireless Communications System for Sensor Buoys"
Ye Li - University of British Columbia - Vanouver, BC, Canada
"Modeling the Operation and Maintenance Cost of Large Scale Tidal Current Turbine Farm"
Laura Amate - 13S UNSA-CNRS - Sophia-Antipolis, France
"A Contribution to the Problem of Mapping Seabed Transition Zones"
Daniela Donno - Politecnico di Milano - Milan, Italy
"Seismic Shape Parameters Estimation and Ground-roll Suppression using Vector Sensor Beamforming"
The Judging Team did an out standing job of eveluating the posters and reached a concensus on the ranking of the posters.  Prizes were awarded as follows:
Graduate - First Place - Brandon Cochenour
                   Second Place - Lauren Cooney
                                              Jordan Stanway
                   Third Place - Alexander Pavin
                                           Ye Li
Undergraduate - First Place - Zhipeng Sun
                               Second Place - Jeff Kaeli
                               Third Place - Andy Schneider
All of the Students were asked to stand and were given a round of applause at the conclusion of the Awards presentation.
Norman D. Miller
Student Activities Coordinator