OCEANS'12 Yeosu




The 30th Student Poster Program of the OCEANS Conferences was held at OCEANS’12 MTS/IEEE Yeosu at the Ocean Resort, Yeosu, Republic of Korea, May 21-24, 2012. Once again outstanding posters describe the work that the students were presenting.  Their work was appreciated by all who attended the Conference and the student participants appreciated the opportunity to display and describe their research work. The program was organized and directed by Ria Park.  23 student posters were accepted from the 80 abstracts that were received. The students were from schools in Europe, Asia, the USA and Canada.  Once again the program was supported by funding from the US Navy Office of  Naval Research Global which enabled the students to attend the conference.  The posters were judged by a team organized by Dr. Christophe Sintes, Telecom-Bretagne, France.  The student award winners were announced at the Wednesday evening Gala.  Dr. Sintes opened the awards ceremony and introduced Dr. Sandy Williams, OES Vice President of  Technical Activities, who presented each student with a Certificate of Participation in the OCEANS’12 MTS/IEEE YEOSU.  The winning student posters were then announced and Mr. Jerry Carroll, President of OES presented the awards to the students. The students were than all introduced as a group and received a round of applause from the conference attendees.  The students were announced as members of the “OCEANS Student Poster Alumni Association”.

The roster of students, their schools, and poster titles are:

Nasir Ahsan, University of Sydney, Australia
“Robust Broad-Scale Benthic Habitat Mapping when Training Data is Scare”

Go Akiyoshi, Kobe University, Japan
“Wave Information by Precise Velocity measurement using GPS Buoys”

Maryam Al Shehi, Mandar Institute of Science and Technology
“Temporal-Spatial Analysis of Chlorophyll Concentration Associated with Dust and Wind Characteristics in the Arabian Gulf”

Sharbari Banerjee, Indian Institute of Technology
“Time Reversal Precoder: An Efficient Tool for more Reliable Underwater Acoustic Communication”

Anne Blavette, University College, Cork, Ireland
“Impact of a Wave Farm on its Local Grid: Voltage Limits, Flicker Level and Power Fluctuations”

Jeremy Breen, University of Tasmania
“Analysis of Heavy Metals in Marine Sediment using a Portable X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer onboard an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle”

Bo Wang, University of China
“Sea surface backscatter simulation based on eigenvector decomposition”

BonHo Gu, Oregon State University, USA
“Application of Optimal Interpolation to Vertical Current Data in Ieo Island of Korea using Unstructured Grid Ocean Numerical Model (FVCOM)”

Dan Bee Hong, KORDI
“Algorithm Design for Detection and Tracking of Multiple Targets Using FMCW Radar”

Yirang Jang, Kyungpook National University
“Structural evolution of the Sora/North Sora Sub-Basins, South Sea, Korea”

Chang sin Kim, Seoul National University
“Effects of tide in oil spill prediction during Hebei Spirit accident in Korea”

Huikwan Kim, University of Rhode Island, USA
“Long range propagation modeling of offshore wind turbine noise using Finite Element and Parabolic Equation models”

Peeravit Koad, Walailak University
“Sea Surface temperature trends in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea”

Yoann Ladroit, Telecom-Bretange, France
Definition and application of a Quality Estimator for multibeam echosounders”

Peng Liu, Kobe University, Japan
“Velocity Measurement by Dual Time Interval Pulse-to-Pulse Coherent Doppler Sonar”

Yukang Liu, University of Kentucky, USA
“Spherical Array Superdirective Beamforming based on Spherical Harmonic Decomposition of the Soundfield”

Francesco Maurelli, Heriot Watt University, UK
“Integrated MCM missions using heterogeneous fleets of AUVs”

Lashika Medagonda, University of Sydney, Australia
“Model Predictive Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle in an in situ Estimated Water Current Profile”

Donghoon Kim, KAIST
“Object Detection and Tracking for Autonomous Underwater Robots Using Weighted Template Matching”

Qunyan Ren, Environmental Hydroacoustical Lab
“Ocean bottom geoacoustic characterization using surface ship noise opportunity”

Anuj Seghal, Jacob University, Bremen,
“Pose Estimation and Trajectory Derivation from Underwater Imagery”

Jianguang Shi, Zhejiang University
“High frequency RF based non-contact underwater communication”

Frederico Traverso,  University of Genoa, Italy
“Simulation of non-white and non-Gaussian underwater ambient noise”

The students receiving awards were then announced and each came forward to receive their plaque and award.  The winning students were:

First Place
Nasir Ahsan, University of Sydney, Australia

Second Place
Qunyan Ren, Environmental Hydroacoustics Lab, Brussels, Belgium
Frederico Traverso, University of Genoa, Italy

Third Place 
Yoann Ladroit, Telecom Bretagne, Brest, France
Sharbari Banerjee, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India
Anne Blavette, University College of Cork, Ireland

The winning students all received a round of applause for their accomplishments and participation in the Student Poster Program of OCEANS’12 MTS/IEEE YEOSU