National Ocean Sciences Bowl - Galveston,Texas

National Ocean Sciences Bowl 2011 – Galveston, Texas

The fourteenth National Ocean Sciences Bowl, sponsored by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, was held at the Texas A&M University Galveston campus  April 28th to May 1, 2011.  25 High School teams from across the country were invited to attend and compete. 24 teams were able to attend.  Once again the Oceanic Engineering Society was one of the sponsors and Norman D. Miller represented the Society at the event.  The week end began with field trips around the Galveston area on Friday.  The formal opening of the Finals Competition took place at the Moody Gardens IMAX Theater and Aquarium Friday afternoon.  Dr. Gargosian opened the meeting and then introduced Dr. Sylvia Earle who gave a very interesting and appropriate address on the oceans. Following the opening ceremony the aquarium was open and the students were able to wander through the gardens and then have dinner.

The competitions began on Saturday morning on the Texas A&M campus in Buildings 3007 (CLB) and 3029 (PMEC). At 2:20 PM the teams assembled in the auditorium in the CLB and heard a Science Presentation by Dr. John Jacob –“On the edge: minimizing human impacts on the coast”.  The competitions then continued until 6:00 PM and the students again assembled in the auditorium to hear the second guest speaker, Dr. Ellen Prager.  She gave a very interesting presentation  “Sex, Drugs, and Sea Slime: The Oceans’ Oddest Creatures and Why They Matter”.  Dinner followed at 6:45 PM in the Sea Aggie Center.

Sunday morning began with everyone assembled in the CLB Auditorium. The guest speaker, Emma Hickerson gave an interesting presentation on “The importance of monitoring and the science behind protecting the Flower Banks National Marine Sanctuary”. This is an area in the Gulf of Mexico off shore from Texas and Louisiana. She had some beautiful slides of the floral and fauna of the area.  The final competitions followed and were completed by 12:30 PM.  Lunch followed and then all were assembled in the CLB Auditorium for the Awards Ceremony. The Awards Ceremony began with the introduction of 9th through 24th teams and then several special presentations.  The formal award presentations followed.  Dr. Gagosian called Colonel Norman Miller from the Oceanic Engineering Society to come forward and present the 8th through 5th place awards. The team captains came forward as their awards were called and received a plaque and award certificate from Colonel Miller. Photos were taken as each plaque was presented.  The schools receiving the awards were:

8th Place Team – North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, Durham, NC
7th Place Team – State College High School, State College, PA
6th Place Team – Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, CA
5th Place Team – Contoocock Valley Regional High School, Peterborough, NH

Dr. Gagosian then called the other presenters forward and the 4th through 1st place awards were presented as follows:

4th Place Team – Mt. Sinai High School, Mt. Sinai, NY
3rd Place Team – Santa Monica High School, Santa Monica, CA
2nd Place Team – Lexington, High School, Lexington, MA
1st Place Team – Marshfield, High School, Marshfield, WI

The final award given is the James D. Watkins Sportsmanship Award.  The students vote on the team they view worthy of this award. The award was presented to the Marine & Oceanographic Academy of Westwood High School, Fort Pierce, FL. The team was given the appropriate recognition by the assembled students. Dr. Gagosian then gave a few closing remarks and the assembly departed for their busses to return to Houston for their homeward bound flights.

 Another very interesting and successful Ocean Sciences Bowl had been completed!  The competition this year was interesting in the number of new schools that were competing.  Although the winning high school, Marshfield, had won the previous year, the only other schools to win awards that previously competed were Lexington High School, Santa Monica High School and Mission San Jose High School. It was refreshing to see new schools in the competition as well as previous competitors.

Norman D. Miller, P.E.
Student Activities Coordinator


National Ocean Sciences Bowl 2010 – Saint Petersburg, Florida

5th to 8th Place Winners of the 2010 NOSB

The thirteenth annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl was held at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, Florida April 23-25 2010. Once again the Oceanic Engineering Society was one of the sponsors and Norman D. Miller represented the Society at the event. High School students and their coaches from 25 high schools across the country who had won their regional competitions attended and took part in the finals.
The event began with field trips around the St. Petersburg area on Friday morning. The formal opening ceremony took place Friday afternoon in the FWRI auditorium on the USF campus. Dr. Bob Gagosian opened the meeting and introduced the mayor of St. Petersburg who welcomed all. He was followed by Dr. Al Hine, Associate Dean of the College of Marine Science and Professor of Geological Oceanography at USF, who offered a short welcoming address. He was followed in turn by W. Bruce Strickrott from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who gave a very interesting presentation on deep submergence vehicles, especially DSV Alvin. Mr. Strickrott is the expedition leader and chief pilot of the manned deep submergence vehicle Alvin at Woods Hole. His presentation was very well received and was a most appropriate kick-off for the NOSB competitions.
The competitions began in earnest on Saturday morning in the Science and Technology Building. This was a very fitting place as it is a new building and the classrooms are well suited for competitions. Each row of tables is higher than the preceding row providing perfect visibility throughout the room. The competitions continued throughout the day through Double Elimination Round 4. Everyone then adjourned to the USF Pool area for dinner and an evening Marine Career Extravaganza. 
Sunday morning began with everyone assembled in the FWRI auditorium. Rear Admiral David Titley, Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy, gave a very interesting presentation on his work. This was followed by the Double Elimination Rounds 5-8. The rounds were completed shortly afternoon and lunch was held. The Awards Ceremony was held in the FWRI Auditorium beginning at 2:00 PM. Dr. Gagosian opened the ceremony and invited all students in 9th through 25th places to stand and be recognized by a round of applause. The formal award presentations followed. Dr. Gagosian called Colonel Norman Miller from the Oceanic Engineering Society to come forward and present the 8th through 5th place awards. The team captains came forward as their award was called and received a plaque and award certificate from Colonel Miller. Photos were taken as each plaque was presented with a final photograph of the whole group. The schools receiving the awards were:
8th place team – Arcadia High School, Arcadia, California
7th place team – Thomas Jefferson High School, Alexandria, Virginia
6th place team – Neah-Kah-Nie High School, Rockaway Beach, Oregon
5th place team – Punahou High School, Honolulu, Hawaii
Dr. Gagosian then called Dr. Shirley Pomponi forward to present the 4th place award to La Jolla High School, La Jolla, California. Judith Coats presented the 3rd place award to
Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, California. The 2nd place award was presented by Captain William Kearse (NOAA) to the Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) from Highlands, New Jersey. The 1st place award was then presented to Marshfield High School, Marshfield, Wisconsin by Dean Bill Hogarth. The final award given is the Sportsmanship Award. The students vote on the team they view worthy of this award. The award was presented to Langham Creek High School, Houston, Texas by Dr. Michael Kassner of ONR. Everyone stood and applauded this award. 
Dr. Gagosian then gave a few closing remarks and introduced the photographers, who had been busy throughout the competitions. They had produced a short video of the competitions and presented this as the closing act. It was received with great applause and the 13th annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl came to and end!
Norman D. Miller, P.E.
Student Activities Coordinator
5th Place - Punahou HS Honolulu HI 6th Place - Neah-Kan-Nie HS Rockaway Beach OR
7th Place - Thomas Jefferson HS Alexandria VA 8th Place - Arcadia HS Arcadia CA


National Ocean Sciences Bowl 2008 – Seward, Alaska

The Final Competition for the 11th Annual National Ocean Sciences Bowl, sponsored by the Consortium for Leadership, was held at Seward High School, Seward, Alaska over the weekend of April 26 and 27, 2008.  Twenty five teams competed in the finals.  The teams assembled in Anchorage on Thursday, April 24th and gathered at the Alaskan Railway Station at Anchorage International Airport Friday morning for the journey to Seward.  Due to an avalanche early that morning, the train could only go to Portage where busses were boarded for the balance of the trip to Seward. On arrival in Seward, luggage was deposited at the Breakwater Inn Hotel and all participants walked to the dock area and boarded the Glacier Express/Renown for a cruise tour of Resurrection Bay.  Although it was overcast and cloudy, the water was calm and it was a great experience for the students and adults.  They saw whales, otters, mountain goats, and many types of birds as well as glaciers and snow covered mountains.  On  returning to shore all personnel checked in to their respective hotels.  Later in the evening the busses returned and transported everyone to the Alaska SeaLife Center for dinner and welcome.  Following dinner everyone was free to wander through the Center and see the fish and wildlife on display.  The busses returned and transported everyone back to their hotels.

Saturday morning, following breakfast at the hotels, the busses transported everyone to Seward High School. Opening ceremonies were held in the auditorium.  Susan Haynes introduced the staff and then introduced Dr. Robert Gagosian, President and CEO of the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.  The competitions began in various rooms at 9:30 AM. During the lunch break in the gymnasium, Dr. Michael Castellini, University of Alaska Fairbanks described his work in the Antarctic and Arctic regions.  The competitions then resumed.  During the afternoon break all assembled in the auditorium and Dr. Jo-Ann Mellish, University of Alaska Fairbanks also described her work in Antarctic region. The competitions continued until 6:00 PM and then all were transported by busses to the Alaska R/R/ Intermodal Facility for a BBQ dinner. Following the dinner you could walk back to your hotel or take a bus.  It snowed over night and the students enjoyed a bit of play on Sunday morning

Sunday morning everyone checked out of their hotels and loaded their luggage on the busses for transport back to Anchorage later that day.  The busses then took everyone back to Seward High School for the final competitions.  On arrival at the high school everyone assembled in the auditorium for instructions and the final competitions began.  The competitions ended at noon and all then went to the gymnasium for lunch. Following lunch everyone assembled in the auditorium for the Awards Ceremony.  Dr. Gagosian acknowledged the various sponsors and the support groups and congratulated all of the teams for making it to the finals.  He then introduced Dr. Denis Wiesenburg, the University of Alaska - Fairbanks, School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, who in turn recognized the Alaska sponsors.  The awards ceremony began with the recognition of all of the teams.  The captain of each team, that did not place in the finals, came forward as the school name was called and received a plaque and a group photo was taken.  Dr. David Christie from the West Coast and Polar Regions Undersea Center and Kasitsna Bay Laboratory came forward.  NOAA donated two teacher summer courses at the lab in Homer, Alaska.  A raffle was held and the two teachers were selected and recognized.
The Team Awards followed with the awarding of the 5th though 8th place.  Dr. Gagosian introduced COL Norman Miller, from the Oceanic Engineering Society.  COL Miller gave a brief summary of the OES Student programs and then presented the OES awards to:  8th Place – East Carteret High School – Beaufort, NC
      7th Place – Poudre High School – Ft. Collins, CO
      6th Place – ExCEL Academic League – Vancouver, WA
      5th Place – La Jolla High School – San Diego, CA
 Photos were taken as each award was presented and then a group photo. The 5th -8th place teams each receive a $450.00 resource award for ocean science textbooks for their school and a $500 gift certificate from Fischer Scientific for equipment for their school.

The 4th place award went to Dexter High School – Dexter. MI and  was presented by Ms. Laura Florence, representing the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.  The team captain received an engraved trophy and the team was invited on a four day trip to the Great Lakes Field Station in Muskegon, MI.  There they will cruise on the research vessel, R/V Laurentian, visit sand dunes, and take part in the field sampling on the shores of Lake Michigan with the staff from great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

The 3rd place award was presented to Santa Monica High School – Santa Monica, CA by Ms Ann Close of the University of Southern California.  The team will receive a trip to Catalina Island where they will stay at the University of Southern California’s Wrigley Institute for Environmental Studies.  The trip will include kayaking in around the coves and natural caves lining the coast, snorkeling with leopard sharks and rays in the marine preserve surrounding the research facility, assisting scientists with research and exploring the interior of the island.

Vice Admiral Conrad Lautenbacher, the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere, was invited to the stage and complimented all of teams on their achievements.  He then presented the first and second place awards.  This year the teams will receive a combined nine day trip to explore Costa Rica!  The students will explore the ecosystems of the Arenal region including a visit to the INbioparque, the Poas volcano and hot springs, and a cloud forest.  They will also explore the Carara Biological Reserve and Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast. The winning teams were:  2nd Place – Mission San Jose High School – Fremont, CA
           1st Place – Lincoln-Sudbury High School – Sudbury, MA

The last award is the admiral James D. Watkins Award.  It was instituted to recognize the team that best exemplifies the ideals of sportsmanship during the final competition weekend of the NOSB.  The recipients of this award have been respectful to their teammates, fellow competitors, and NOSB volunteers and staff. The winner of the award is selected by the student teams.  The winner of the 2008 Watkins award was Kealakehe High School, Kona, Hawaii. 

Following the Awards Ceremony everyone was loaded on busses and either went to downtown Seward or returned to the Anchorage Airport for lights home.  All busses departed for Anchorage at 6:30 PM and the end of the 11th Annual NOSB! 

The teams competing were:

Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School – Virginia
Churchville-Chili High School – New York
Contoocook Valley Regional High School – New Hampshire
Cranston High School West – Connecticut
Dexter High School – Michigan
East Carteret high School – North Carolina
ExCEL Academic League – Washington
Irmo High School – South Carolina
Juneau-Douglas High School – Alaska
Kealakehe High School – Hawaii
La Jolla High School – California
Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School – Massachusetts
Long Beach High School – Mississippi
Marine Academy of Science & Technology – New Jersey
Marshfield High School – Wisconsin
Middleton Magnet High School – Florida
Mission San Jose High School – California
Neah-Kah-Nie High School – Oregon
Poudre High School – Colorado
Sanger High School – Texas
Santa Monica High School – California
South Broward High School – Florida
Star Charter School – Texas
State College Area High School – Pennsylvania
Thomas Jefferson High School - Virginia