Distinguished Lecturers

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Name Location email Bio
James V. Candy UC-LLNL, Livermore, CA tsoftware@aol.com Biography of  James V. Candy

Model-based acoutstic signal processing (underwater,ultrasonics, room)
Nonlinear filtering: Particle filters, Kalman filters
Time-reversal signal processing
Radioactive Contraband Detection: a Bayesian Approach
Bayseian Signal Processing, an Overview of Particle Filtering Methods

Jules S. Jaffe SIO, San Diego, CA jjaffe@ucsd.edu Biography of Jules S. Jaffe
Public outreach talks to non-specialists
Talks to both undergraduates and graduate organizations
True research seminars
Advanced underwater optical imaging for both bottom and midwater observation
Acoustic multi-beam systems for tracking small animals
Design and operational goals for swarms of miniature vehicles, and the use of diffraction tomography for inferring size, shape, and perhaps the taxa of marine organisms that range from microbes to fish
Kelly Benoit-Bird OSU, Oregon kbenoit@coas.oregonstate.edu Biography of Kelly Benoit-Bird
Using sound to study ocean ecosystems:
Introductions to passive and active acoustics
Sounds made in the ocean, and how sonars work
How seabirds find aggregations of prey in the Bering Sea and how they choose between krill and fish as prey
Marcia Isakson ARL-UT, Austin, Texas misakson@arlut.utexas.edu Biography of Marcia Isakson

Acoustic interactions with ocean sediments
Experimental measurements, in the laboratory and in situ, and modeling of acoustic scattering from sediments
Classification of ocean sediments from autonomous underwater vehicles


Albert J. Williams 3rd WHOI, Woods Hole, MA awilliams@whoi.edu Biography of Albert J. Williams 3rd

Technology of flow measurement
Oceanographic instrumentation
Microstructure and mixing
Bottom boundary layer turbulence and sediment transport

Paul C. Hines Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada phines50@gmail.com Biography of Paul C. Hines
The application of aural perception in humans to active and passive sonar classification
Vector sensors: Over 40 and Still Hot
Mal Heron James Cook University, Townsville, Australia mal.heron@ieee.org Biography of Mal Heron
Coastal Ocean Radars: Results and Applications
Observing the Dynamic Ocean
René Garello Telecom Bretagne
Brest. France 
rene.garello@telecom-bretagne.eu Biography of René Garello
Topics: TBA
Milica Stojanovic Boston, MA millitsa@ece.neu.edu Biography of Milica Stojanovic
Signal processing for acoustic communications
Multi-carrier modulation/detection for acoustic channels
Statistical characterization of underwater acoustic communication channels
Multiple access in underwater acoustic systems
Reliable transmission over acoustic channels