Quality Assurance of Real-Time Ocean Data (QARTOD)

QARTOD is an endeavor by the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Program Office to establish quality-assurance and quality-control procedures for a number of oceanographic variables.

At present, a total of 26 core variables have been identified as “required to detect and/or predict changes in a maximum number of phenomena of interest to user groups” [http://www.iooc.us/ocean-observations/variables/]. The U.S. IOOS core variables are: Acidity, Bathymetry, Bottom Character, Colored Dissolved Organic Matter, Contaminants, Dissolved Nutrients, Dissolved Oxygen, Fish Abundance, Fish Species, Heat Flux, Ice Distribution, Ocean Color, Optical Properties, Partial Pressure of CO2, Pathogens, Phytoplankton Species, Salinity, Sea Level, Stream Flow, Surface Currents, Surface Waves, Temperature, Total Suspended Matter, Wind Speed and Direction, Zooplankton Abundance, and Zooplankton Species.

The following website is a source of information on QARTOD. This website provides links to manuals that are available for free download. Examples include manuals on the real-time quality control of: dissolved nutrients observations, dissolved oxygen observations in coastal oceans, in-situ current observations, in-situ temperature and salinity data, in-situ surface wave data, ocean optics data, water level data, wind data.