Overview of Underwater Acoustics Standards

At the international level, there is a key standard covering the calibration of hydrophones:

IEC60565:2006, Underwater acoustics - Hydrophones - Calibration in the frequency range 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz, IEC 60565-2006.

This standard has comprehensive coverage of techniques for calibration of hydrophones in free-field conditions, and at low-frequencies in specialised couplers. It is currently under revision by IEC Technical Committee 87 (TC87) – Working Group 15 (WG15) and is likely to be divided into two parts: one for free-field techniques and one for low-frequency pressure calibration techniques.

ISO Technical Committee 43, Sub-Committee 3 (ISO TC43 SC3) covers underwater acoustics, and has produced a Publically Available Specification (PAS) covering the topic of measurement of ship noise in deep water:

ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012, Acoustics - Quantities and procedures for description and measurement of underwater sound from ships. Part 1: General requirements for measurements in deep water.

There are a number of relevant standards covering definitions and terminology produced by IEC and ISO. Four relevant standards are:

IEC 60050:1994, International Electrotechnical Vocabulary, part 801: Acoustics Electroacoustics, (section 801-32 covers terms for underwater acoustics).

IEC 60260:1995, Electroacoustics – Octave-band and fractional-octave band filters.

ISO 80000-8: 2007, Quantities and units - part 8: Acoustics.

ISO/TR 25417:2007, Acoustics - Definitions of basic quantities and terms.

All of the above standards are available from either the ISO web-store at: http://www.iso.org/iso/home.html  or the IEC web-store at: http://www.iec.ch/

In the USA, ANSI has produced two standards relevant to underwater acoustic measurement:

ANSI S12.64-2009/Part 1, Quantities and Procedures for Description and Measurement of Underwater Sound from Ships - Part 1: General Requirements.

ANSI S1.20-2012, Procedures for Calibration of Underwater Electroacoustic Transducers.

ANSI S12.64 was the document upon which ISO/PAS 17208-1:2012 was based, and ANSI S1.20 provides a broader coverage than IEC 60565 as it considers the calibration of other types of electroacoustic transducers (not just hydrophones). ANSI S1.20 also provides information on a standard-target method for calibrating active sonars. These documents are available at: http://webstore.ansi.org.