The Chapter Chairs of the IEEE Oceanic Engineering Society

The OES Chapters Coordinator
Acosta, Gerardo
Providence Chapter
Williams III, Albert (Sandy)
Washington, DC & Northern Virginia Chapter
Roche, James
Houston, Texas Chapter
Romer, Michael
San Diego, California Chapter
Delaney, Kevin
Seattle, Washington Chapter
Denny, Gerald (Skip)
Honolulu, Hawaii Chapter
Rognstad, Mark
Canadian Atlantic Chapter
El-Hawary, Ferial
Newfoundland-Labrador, Canada Chapter
Riggs, Neil
Ottawa, Canada (Joint Chapter)
Zhou, Yifeng
Quebec, Canada (Joint Chapter)
De Villers, Yves
Toronto, Canada (Joint Chapter)
Di Stefano, Bruno
Vancouver Chapter
Soylou, Serdar
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Chapter
Chapman, N. Ross
France Chapter
Courmontagne, Philippe
Italy Chapter
Trucco, Andrea
Norway Chapter
Position Open
Spain Chapter
Carreras, Marc
United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland (Joint Chapter)
Xue, Yong
Argentina Chapter
Acosta, Gerardo
Australia Council Chapter
Heron, Malcolm
India Chapter
Bahl, Rajendar
Japan Chapter
Kawaguchi, Katsuyoshi
New South Wales, Australia Chapter
Ferguson, Brian
Korea Council Chapter
Yu, Son-Cheol
Shanghai Chapter
Lian, Lian
Singapore Chapter
Hoe Eng Ken, Teo
Taipei, Taiwan Chapter
Chiu, Forng-Chen
Rokbani, Nizar
Arshad, Mohd Rizal